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Pamela Williamson  LL.B MCTS

Law and Masters in Conflict and Terrorism Studies

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Strategic Narratives Consultant Analyst Research Synthesiser Mentor

Former lawyer 18+ years

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Origins of Satire, Strategic Narrative and Propaganda
Satire I: It is Hard not to Write Satire
“It is hard not to write Satire. For who is so tolerant
of the unjust City, so steeled, that he can restrain himself…”

Difficile est saturam nōn scrībere. nam quis inīquae
tam patiēns urbis, tam ferreus, ut teneat sē…

– Juuvenal ( early 2nd century)

“Typical mental attitudes attacked and ridiculed by Menippean satires are “pedants, bigots, cranks, parvenus, virtuosi, enthusiasts, rapacious and incompetent professional men of all kinds,” which are treated as diseases of the intellect.[1][4] The term Menippean satire distinguishes it from the earlier satire pioneered by Aristophanes, which was based on personal attacks.[5]”:

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Strategic Narrative Meta-Model

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i. Strategic Narrative Meta-Model DIAGRAM + TEXT

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ii. a. Strategic Narrative Design IElements of Strategic Narrative Meta-Model tm, Effective YARNS and Counter-Narratives

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b. Strategic Narrative Design II: Narrative Theory, Structure, Analysis and Research, Weaponised and Resilience Narratives and YARNS 

This paper is excerpted (with some amendments) from my Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies Dissertation submitted to the University of Auckland in October 2018.

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iii. Strategic Narrative Meta-Model tm and Divergent Strategic Narrative Contexts: Terrorism & Great Power

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2018 Paper: Strategic Narrative Building

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The following paper was written in partial fulfillment of the Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies degree programme at the University of Auckland over the period of 2017-2018 when Russian disinformation strategies in the 2016 US Election were coming to light……………………..

“Strategic Narratives and YARNS: the Effectiveness of Communication Strategies to Neutralise Russian Information Warfare and Influence Operations, Shift Perceptions in Adversary Populations & Immunise Domestic Populations

Pamela Williamson LL.B MCTS

26 October 2018

For an Example….

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“The Classified Adventures of Owl: the Evolution, Anatomy & Deconstruction of a Strategic Narrative”

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July 23: A TALE OF THE OLD SOUTH -the History and Legend of the Lost Cause: a memetic ‘history lesson’ & narrative vaccine for fading grandeur and nostalgia

May 15, 2020 Owls Come Out at Night and in Daylight

This piece was written on my first day out of lock down in New Zealand.

August 14, 2018: metaphors within Metaphors: a snake eats its own tail

2018: Effects-Based Psychological Operations Measures of Effectiveness: Measuring Change and Impact (p. 25 – 37) in

“What Do Others Think and How Do We Know What They Are Thinking?” — A Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) Periodic Publication

Rafa Linera Rivera and Gregory Seese

January 13, 2017: SMA CENTCOM Reach-back Reports (Strategic Multi-layer Assessment)

Media and Cultural Studies,
Narrative,Human Terrain,Messaging,Strategy and Military Operations

At the request of United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), the Joint Staff, Deputy Director for Global Operations (DDGO), jointly with other elements in the JS, Services, and U.S. Government (USG) Agencies, has established a SMA virtual reach-back cell. This initiative, based on the SMA global network of scholars and area experts, is providing USCENTCOM with population based and regional expertise in support of ongoing operations in the Iraq/Syria region.

This is Part 1 of a 9 part series of SMA Reach back responses to questions posed by USCENTCOM. Each report contains responses to multiple questions grouped by theme. The complete reports can be accessed at:

March 15 2019 was a day of shock and terror for New Zealanders hitherto not scarred by terrorism in recent years. The Christchurch mosque shootings have left an indelible mark on New Zealand’s national identity and have raised New Zealand’s consciousness once again about endemic racism and extremism in its midst.

The following piece was written a fortnight later and was published in, on the NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence Twitter, and in the US Homeland Security Today Journal Perspectives…….

“The End of the Golden Weather: Terrorism in New Zealand”

March 10, 2020:One Year After March 15 Attacks: what has changed in New Zealand?

Pamela’s Linkedin Profile:

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Blockbusters: how our dreams, fears and demons have changed between 1977 and 2020

Blockbusters: how our dreams, fears and demons have changed between 1977 and 2020

The iconic image of the Man in the Moon
Georges Méliès – Roger-Viollet
Screenshot from Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) (1902)

Why we go the the movies….

We all need a refuge, some more than others, and more often. Sometimes we kid ourselves we don’t, are staunch or at least should be. We can’t find one at times as the rigid template of middle life overlays, denies and stifles our deepest survival instincts and needs.

We may feel heroic in the sacrifice of family time to serve others as though ‘family’ was an extension of us which must go along – like a part of our ego, a personal limb whose fate must be inextricably entwined without boundaries or different individual life purposes and goals.

Eulogies typically extol the virtues of the deceased, the most celebrated one being that s/he denied self and gave all to ‘others’ – a chronic posture that probably contributed to their death, especially if it was stress-related. The notion of unselfishness taken to the extreme of martyrdom can be for some a badge of honour at the end. Anything less can be considered selfish or self-serving.

What if there was a different script for a life narrative? One that involved balance, negotiation and self-fulfillment. The 1960’s promised that in its societal revolution but took the apex of Maslow’s hierarchy to extremes of risky self-indulgence and narcissism.

As time went on it became ‘hip’ to decry the ‘hippie’ lifestyle, and the drug-infused excesses of the 1960’s and 70’s evolved into the different drug-infused excesses of the 80’s and 90’s plus money. Another form of addiction took over: success, achievement and wealth. Celebrities became our proxies for self-indulgence while we got on with the business of….business. Keeping going at all costs, winning, never stopping or losing (shame, failure!) became the mantra of the masses. The elites learned the art of deal-making and material excess from Donald Trump. We worshipped at his golden shrine as we admired and envied his self-indulgence whilst we hacked away at our chosen success paths.

We didn’t look back, or look too closely at the casualties – the suicides, the depression and addiction statistics or at the lost families and children whose parents worked too hard to give them Nintendo then PlayStation.

Creativity became a corporate commodity and a diet of blockbuster films from the 1970’s to the present revealed our preoccupations, dreams and fears: from The original trilogy ‘Star Wars’ released between 1977 and 1983, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Batman’ on their loner crusades in the 80’s, the prequel trilogy between 1999 and 2005, ‘Armageddon’, ‘Independence Day’, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and the still unsurpassed ‘The Matrix’ in the 90’s (reflecting our global anxieties and terror about global great power competition, nuclear war, climate change, technology, robotics and, yes, dinosaurs coming back!).

The new Millennium brought us ‘Mission Impossible’ to reflect our impossible lives marked by divorce and unattainable fantasies increasingly beyond reach as globalisation shafted the globe. We became infantile and escapist in our story-telling, reaching for lost childhoods, simplicity, humour and happy endings in a world outside of our control and spinning out. We hid there as a refuge in darkened movie theatres trying to grasp the meaning. We fell in love -not with real flawed men like us – but with men who looked like red and black spiders or some other colour of superhero. We went looking for ‘Nemo’, our lost rejected vulnerability. We needed cheering up as the world darkened after 9/11. We tried to control monsters by laughing at the doofus ogre ‘Shrek’. ‘Star Wars’ returned as we became more militaristic. Peter Jackson gave us a reflection of ourselves as a world at war with ourselves as he looked back to WW2 and Tolkien for inspiration.

The world got even darker as our villains did. DC Comics continued our obsession with superheros and supervillains. They even became inverted. Psychopathy and sadism became heroic paving the way for Donald Trump. ‘The Dark Knight’ epitomised the noughties – the death of the movie evil joker and the death of its lead character in ‘real’ life was the final confluence of reality and fantasy. Reel life became real; reel life was real.

“A psychopathic criminal mastermind and mass murderer with a warped, sadistic sense of humor, the Joker is hired by Gotham City‘s mob bosses to kill the vigilante Batman (Christian Bale), and also comes into conflict with Batman’s allies, Gotham police officer James Gordon (Gary Oldman) and district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). The Joker embodies themes of chaos, anarchy and obsession: throughout the film, he expresses a desire to upset the social order in Gotham through crime, and defines himself by his conflict with Batman” : Wikipedia

In the teenage years, the Star Wars sequel trilogy returned (between 2015 and 2019). Wonder, war, baby lion kings, an ‘incredible’ family juxtaposed and sent us oscillating between hope, fear and joy. ‘Toy Story ‘transformed’ us and we regained childhood innocence (‘Finding Dory’ at last- “Who would have thought one of the deepest films ever made about learning disabilities would star a talking blue fish?” – Salon).

But that was all light relief from being staunch and ‘Iron Man’ yet again. Because we were all still on missions to guard the ‘Galaxy’. Women came under extreme pressure to keep up with this macho explosion. ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ reinforced stereotypes that the Women’s Movement had taken years to dispel. But women started to be recognised not only for their past achievements (“Curie” and “Photograph 51”), but “Hidden Figures” finally acknowledged the contribution of African-American women to space flight. Sexism can now freely be the subject of films post-Harvey Weinstein.

The 100 Best Movies of the Decade (2010-2019) as listed by IMDb veered from zany with political undertones (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), mad excess ( ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and The Great Gatsby’ starring the icon of excess himself Leo di Caprio).

They were presided over by Harry Potter, Steve Jobs, James Bond, Birdman (fittingly a “washed up superhero actor”), X-Men, Captain America (of course!), Lincoln, George Smiley, and Les Miserables (us!).

The new monsters have a softer edge: In “A Monster Calls”, a boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mother’s terminal illness.

Sci Fi and the post-Apocalypse reflected, not only our obsession with space travel, technology as in ‘Blade Runner 2049″, “The Martian”, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, “Interstellar”, “Gravity” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”, but also our fear and anxiety about the dystopian futures of ourselves and our children.

Surviving disaster, the current angst of our age, found its expression and meaning in our collective unconscious in “The Life of Pi”. Darker films like “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Bridge of Spies” dealt with external threats in our world present and past not just in outer space. ‘Inception’ encapsulated the confusion and complexity of our traumas, but “Arrival” stimulated hope and fascination with alien life. And “The Social Network” gave us a new villain for the age in Mark Zuckerberg.

Yet whimsical sensitivity was also on the rise (“Midnight in Paris” and “Her” which combined both tender love and a computer), and there was an increasingly real (as opposed to “reel”) engagement with deep issues of race (“Moonlight”, ‘Captain Phillips’, “Django Unchained” and “12 Years a Slave”), sexual orientation (“Call Me By Your Name”), disability (‘The Theory of Everything’), abuse and exploitation (“Spotlight”, “Room”, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and “Black Swan”), the trauma of veterans (“The Master”), mental illness (“Silver Linings Playbook”), racism (“The Help”), AIDS (“Dallas Buyers Club”), reconciliation (“Lion”), and extended family, depression, and emotional intensity (“Manchester By the Sea”), dysfunctional family (“Gone Girl”). They are even getting recognised and awarded at the Oscars et al.

So, fewer Marvel and ‘popcorn’ movies and more “Boyhood”, “Paterson”, and the paean to sensitivity, fragility, creativity, and keeping going, “Inside Out”.

We are still living at “grand history” level through a yearning back to past glories, the inspiring resilience of our forebears, especially in war via British films like ‘Dunkirk’, ‘The Imitation Game’ and “The Kings Speech”, where vulnerability meets heroism through the overcoming of a stutter by a king.

The USA gave us its remembrance of past glory through ‘Hacksaw Ridge” and “Argo” that also provides a key to successful deception operations of the present and future.

“Ex Machina” took us into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) where I suspect we are headed for a very long time to come!

List of 2020 box office number-one films in the United States

Maybe that is where we are now – no longer stuck in stereotypes, less afraid of our feelings. Action and superhero movies, unless accompanied by emotional expression and deeper characterisation, have failed to have as much box office success as previously, a fact that has caused movie producers a degree of angst and challenge to look deeper at themes and ideas that have relevance and meaning to people and their actual ‘real’ lives. But blockbusters are still being made (there will always be teenage boys and girls) and they still have patriotic American themes that can verge (or tip over) into embarrassing saccharine shallowness. At least nowadays, however, they are balanced with American films with class and a true searching for themes that resonate at a deeper adult level.

See you at the movies!

The iconic image of the Man in the Moon
Georges Méliès – Roger-Viollet
Screenshot from Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) (1902)

Pamela Williamson is a movie buff with a stage 3 credit in Film Studies obtained 24 years ago as part of her law degree.

“The Classified Adventures of Owl of O.W.L. (8/4)- in which Owl goes Steampunk with his Team to catch Horny’s Ghost, P-Hooty and Ponzi the Cat Owl”​

Steampunk Owl Image by Frank Pfeiffer from Pixabay

The Classified Adventures of Owl”​ (8/4)​: in which Owl goes Steampunk with his Team to catch Horny’s Ghost, P-Hooty and Ponzi the Cat Owl”​

© All Rights Reserved

Story so far:

[ED: for backstory and previous chapter go to Sky Canopy Owl of O.W.L. page:

OK, I’ll give you lazy ones the last chapter…

No alt text provided for this image
Eurasian Eagle Owl
Image by gayulo from Pixabay
aka P-Hootiy

P-Hooty and Horny Owl’s Ghost are doing a deal for Horny’s asylum in Eurasia Wood via Ponzi the Cat-Owl P-Hooty’s cross-species daughter. P-Hooty, after his capture at the Battle of Owl Creek and subsequent escape from The Great Plain of Hooting, has resurrected Horny from the Deadlands of Owl Creek. Readers, you may recall P-Hooty shape-shifted into a snake and bit Horny’s ar*se.

But Owl will arrive with his Crew of Trainee NOCS after picking up The Owlettes (his former side-kicks and minders who retired to the tropical rain forest with their boy toy after the Battle of Owl Creek) along the way]

Read on…. Our intrepid retrofuturistic covert operative Owl from the NZ Branch of the World Wide Wood (www.) has his body armour on and is geared up to stop this deal. There will be some tension and stress, maybe a bit of a flurry and shredding of feathers, but hopefully not Owl’s.

No alt text provided for this image
Morepork Owl (ruru or boobook)

Owl: Gidday, mes compadres. I live to go on missions, not go on missions to live – although that does come into it! I’m about to defy Brown Owl (always a pleasure!). She’s told me there’s to be no trouble or there’ll be Trouble. But Trouble is my Middle Name (Ninox tribulatio novaeseelandiae).

I’ve got the girls with me.

No alt text provided for this image
The Owlettes
Image by ernie from Pixabay


(ED: Owlus interruptus by The Owlettes, “1st warning, Owl”)

No alt text provided for this image
Nancy Wake in her FANY uniform; Australian War Memorial on line catalogue ID Number: P00885.001


No alt text provided for this image
Steampunk railway NZ 0-6-0 steampunk locomotive outside Steampunk HQOamaru, New Zealand; Ph. Saget – Own work; Locomotive animée au musée Steampunk d’Oamaru (Nouvelle Zélande)

Owl: My team’s all here. I have a plan. We are going to approach Horny’s Ghostly Hideout undercover of night with talons drawn.

No alt text provided for this image
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

We will seize P-Hooty’s daughter Ponzi first. She is P-Hooty’s liaison with Horny to do the dirty deal for his lifetime membership in the Eurasia Wood with full perks and perquisites (a cheap one-time-only offer). P-Hooty requires all the secrets of the Wood in exchange. Otherwise, all the kompromat of Horny failing to achieve nudge nudge wink wink will be known to all! A fate worse than death!

Then there will be mayhem and madness of a free-style variety carefully calibrated and controlled by moi.

[ED: you can count on that!]

No alt text provided for this image
Steampunk Paris metro station “Arts et Métiers

Cut to Horny’s ghostly lair via the Wind Tunnel.

No alt text provided for this image
Undertaker House Image by mollyroselee from Pixabay

Owl to Team: Are you ready to con Ponzi the Cat owl and capture her, mes confreres and consoeurs?

Team O.W.L.: Yes, my liege Owl!!

Owl: Let’s go in then on tippy-talons. Put on your silencers. We are OwlsRGo! Careful of the Giant Ratfink guards!

No alt text provided for this image
Speule Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

I will shape-shift to improve my spidey-senses.

No alt text provided for this image
The Owl Avatar of Nigel the Rook (Corvus frugilegus) Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

[ED. Owl continues to direct Nigel the Rook‘s avatar, Suzy the Barn Owl and Mrs. Peel the Cat Owl]

No alt text provided for this image
Suzy the Barn Owl, Mochamad Arief from Pixabay

Owl: Mrs. Peel and Suzy, you’re with The Owlettes. Go get Ponzi! Take the Tunnel.

Mrs. Peel in black leather cat suit

No alt text provided for this image
Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel in The Avengers (TV series of the 1960s); uploaded by Michael P. Dunn; Pinterest

Owl: Nige, you’re with me. We’ll do a rearguard action and net P-Hooty as well.

Nigel the Rook: That snake conned me out of a fair few nuts. I’ve a good story about P-Hootya, a betrügerisch deutsche Bank, a sparrow, a ballerina, the Barvikha Luxury Village, and the Mosksva Circus. I heard it down at the Bentley-Maserati dealership on Franz-Josef Paefgen Platz.

Owl: We don’t have time for that now, Nige. When the mission is over, we can reminisce over a few bottles of Stolichnaya and Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier.

No alt text provided for this image
Jules Verne Original illustration of Jules Verne‘s Nautilus engine room; Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville – scan from Hetzel edition of 20000 Lieues Sous les Mers

The Owlettes: What’s this, Owl, you freaking fluffybum! The Wind Tunnel is verschlampt!

We’ll have to use Suzy Owl’s propeller.

No alt text provided for this image
Kevinsphotos from Pixabay

The Owlettes to Owl (via Twitter transmission in flight): That’s better, you stumpfes Gehirn. We’re on course to approach Horny’s Haunted House which he won’t leave till he’s forced to. Its surrounded by Rats! Ugggghhh! We may have to eat a few to get through to Ponzi.

No alt text provided for this image
Prawny from Pixabay

Mrs. Peel, you’re needed!

No alt text provided for this image
InspiredImages from Pixabay
No alt text provided for this image
Catwoman, painted by Joe DeVito over pencil art by the titular character’s series artist Jim Balent; DC Comics lithograph.

Mrs. Peel: Are you batty, you Owlettes? I’m not going in alone. Ponzi is a cross-species Cat Owl.

The Owlettes: Use your spare avatars then. You have Suzy as well as us. Remember your mechanical training!

No alt text provided for this image
Image by Barroa_Artworks from Pixabay 

Suzy Owl: No more faffing about! Let’s flap!

Cut to the crumbling old pile where Horny’s Ghost is holed up.

No alt text provided for this image
The Norman “White Tower”, the keep of the Tower of London, exemplifies all uses of a castle including city defence,a residence, and a place of refuge in times of crisis.

No alt text provided for this image
Image: Great Horned Owl: by Pexels from Pixabay

[ED: he looks pale about the eyes, but Ponzi’s a tough negotiator so that’s understandable]

Cut to the Haunted Tower Branch where Horny’s Ghost is looking smaller and smaller as Ponzi turns the screws on him.

No alt text provided for this image
Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay 

[ED: The night has closed in on him and he is desperately trying to cut a deal – his offer is as follows:

Horny Owl will promise in exchange for asylum in Eurasia Wood and all the ratburgers he can eat forever:

  1. to forgive P-Hootiy for killing him;
  2. to tell him the whereabouts of Owl’s secret stash;
  3. to give him Brown Owl’s pin number for the Eye at the top of the O.W.L. Tree Tower;
  4. to give him the key to Chateau Blavatnik; and
  5. The Quantum Steampunk Information Theory + Thermodynamics = Quantum Steampunk; Halpern-QuantumSteampunk.png
No alt text provided for this image

But….. for some strange reason P-Hooty does not trust Horny…………]

Suddenly! The Owl Special Novice Forces Team strikes!

No alt text provided for this image
HG Wells The August 1927 issue of Amazing Stories featuring work by H. G. Wells; Frank R. Paul 

Cut to the action as The Owlettes join Mrs. Peel and Suzy and go in.

Mrs. Peel the Cat-Owl swooping in!

No alt text provided for this image

Suzy the Barn Owl on her first active mission

No alt text provided for this image
Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Their first prey is one of the Giant Ratfinks guarding Horny’s decrepit palace tower.

No alt text provided for this image
Image: Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

[ED: sorry, it’s the other way around. The Rats are guarding decrepit Horny hoo is crumbling at the edges!]

Then they meet the Ratfink King! But The Owlettes make quick work of him!

No alt text provided for this image
Rat king in the University of Tartu Natural History Museum was found in 2005

[the long flexible tail of the black rat could be exposed to sticky or frozen substances such as sebum (a secretion from the skin itself), sap, food or excretory products. This mixture acts as a bonding agent and may solidify as they sleep especially when rats live in proximity during winter. Once they realise they are bound, they would struggle and the knot would get tighter]

The Owlettes (gagging and spitting fiercely): Euwwww, disgusting vermin! They put Horny before the Wood because they believed his promises. But we will spare them because they are not yummy. They will be allowed to crawl back under their rocks.

No alt text provided for this image
Image: Eurasian Eagle Owl; Kevinsphotos from Pixabay 

[ED: Meanwhile, P-Hooty has been watching this melodrama and debacle (for someone!) with amusement from the safety of his Eurasian Branch of the Wood. He knows Horny is stuffed (again!) but is looking out for Ponzi his daughter who is The Team’s next target.]

Nigel’s other Avatar (he collects them). This one is for strategy!

No alt text provided for this image
Chess piece – Black rook, Staunton design; MichaelMaggs – Own work

The protagonists are arriving more or less simultaneously.

[ED: there will be a convergence and a confrontation, if not a collision and a connivance shortly!

No alt text provided for this image
Hellfire Caves entrance; Mark Percy
No alt text provided for this image
Diana Rigg as Emma Peel as “Queen of Sin” in the Avengers in ‘A Touch of Brimstone’; uploaded by Stephen Potter (Pinterest)

[ED: Mrs. Peel has a snake in case P-Hooty arrives to rescue Ponzi the Cat Owl, Suzy the Barn Owl is on the lookout for Lyin’ Traitor Barney Owl in case he’s hiding there, and Owl and Nige have brought a very large cage.]

No alt text provided for this image

And there she is, her yellow eyes gleaming.

Mrs. Peel: En garde! Give me the keys to the moshennicheskiy nemetskiy bank right now, you scheming daughter of a failed Czar! There will be “no deal” tonight. Where has Horny’s Ghost flitted to?

Ponzi: Hahaha! So make me, you excuse for a cat-owl in your dress-up costume!

Mrs. Peel: Give me the gun!

No alt text provided for this image
Diana Rigg as Emma Peel; Image:

Mrs. Peel: En garde!

There is a flurry of feathers and talons as a cat-owl fight takes place.

Mrs. Peel sticks her beak into Ponzi’s ear and Ponzi pulls Mrs. Peel’s feathers.

Mrs. Peel: Let me go! Or I will stab you with this sharpened twig-tool thingee!

Ponzi: Ouch! You will pay for that! My Papa will be here soon and he will make you stop, then SUFFER!!!

Owl and P-Hooty arrive together!

Owl is after P-Hooty’s shapeshifting snake.

No alt text provided for this image

With a swoosh of his Rothbart cape P-Hooty materialises.

No alt text provided for this image
 Kevinsphotos from Pixabay

Mrs. Peel: I have a snake, P-Hooty! Let’s see yours.

No alt text provided for this image

Next Time: Owl and P-Hooty fight with their shapeshifting avatars and Mrs. Peel dominates! But where in the world is Lyin’ Traitor Barney Owl and his stooge and part-time lover Ossie Owl? Suzy the Barn Owl wants to know! And Brown Owl wants some answers!

© All Rights Reserved

No alt text provided for this image

Pamela is a New Zealand consultant and founder of sky canopy consulting, a writer, satirist, poet, researcher, analyst and synthesiser, with a Masters in Conflict and Terrorism Studies from the University of Auckland.

She has been around long enough on this planet to be a former lawyer, psychotherapist and executive coach.

She loves owls, masks, ballet, black cats, hot air balloons, witches and wizards, Shakespeare, metaphors, memes, magical realism, reading, history, walking around lakes, carnivals, carousels, circuses, Fiat cars, surrealism, Mozart, opera, dragons, cheongsams, sky rockets, turkish delight, spider brooches, mosaics, museums, hot baths, beer, red wine, bedtime stories, Alice in Wonderland, Christmases, holidays, native birds and their habitats, riding on her broomstick and travelling in her imagination. She is a red-headed owl and her avatar is a Venetian flame-feathered Colombina mask of the Commedia del Arte.

A Treatise on Trump: Horny’s Ghost Will Not Be Going Away: Who and Where are the ‘Ghostbusters’?

No alt text provided for this image

Silver-backed gorilla Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Outgoing President Donald J. Trump is used to being the gorilla in the room who sits where he likes. He even has a new silver gray hair colour to show it. But his new *ghostly appearance indicates he does not intend to fade away just yet. Trump has not formally conceded his loss of the 2020 US Election yet, even after President-elect Joe Biden just took Georgia and has soundly defeated him with Electoral College votes to spare (360:232), and may never do so as a middle finger gesture to Biden and Democrats. He has decided instead as a strategic move to become obstructive about President-elect Biden’s access to intelligence briefings, has instructed his staff to be uncooperative about the transition (many of whom are ignoring him), has dog-whistled and incited far-right extremists The Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers to create MAGA havoc in Washington on the weekend, and will no doubt find any opportunity to show contempt and discourtesy to the norms of handover.

This all may simply be another Trump feint and distraction despite his implied threats (and the actual violence resulting), and his nuisance-value doomed legal challenges.

No alt text provided for this image
Trump Tower, Middle Manhattan, New York

Because he may already be plotting to return, whether in 2024 himself, or via a surrogate adult child, Don Jnr. or Ivanka (God Help Us All!). The ‘Dynasty of Trump Tower’ has to go on. They have all had a taste of power, despite initially regarding the presidency as a step down. His grip on the Republican Party remains secure for the foreseeable future given 71 million plus Americans voted for him. His approval rating remains high, according to pollsters FiveEightThirty (44.8%) But he has ended up with a mirror image of his own victory in 2016. He will now concede “nothing”, although he just shot himself in the foot with a public “almost concession”. Enabling a smooth transition to at least facilitate urgent work on the coronavirus pandemic is unimportant to him as he remains indifferent to the escalating crisis as it doesn’t affect him. His deliberate failed response to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (still making little progress) gave an early warning of his callousness and cruelty.

So, why would he want to return? Because he can, likes being an authoritarian and reckons his base is strong enough for him to be an even better one next time. Power corrupts and Trump was corrupt already. But above all else, the safest refuge for Donald Trump is actually the White House. There prosecution isdelayed due to the constitutional rule/convention that sitting presidents cannot be prosecuted or sued while in office ie “presidential immunity“.

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“The Tortoise and the Hare”, from an edition of Caleb’s Fables illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1912

Trump has been not only trying to outrun Biden but New York prosecutors as well. The tortoise is catching up with the hare! Yes, Aesop found that the race is not always to the swift.

“The President has survived one impeachment, twenty-six accusations of sexual misconduct, and an estimated four thousand lawsuits. That run of good luck may well end, perhaps brutally, if Joe Biden wins”: Jane Mayer, The New Yorker

Who and Where Are These ‘Ghostbusters’?

The Attorney-General of the State of New York and the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance will be waiting for January 21, 2021 hopefully with indictments (or at least fully-powered investigations at full speed) for ex-President Trump for his business practices and taxes. How likely are they to succeed?

“The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office made a more pointed case for the legality of its grand jury subpoena for eight years of President Trump’s tax returns and related records, saying in a brief to an appeals court Monday that news reports of misconduct alone justify such a wide-ranging review of business dealings. The filing marks the first time the prosecutor has publicly suggested specific criminal charges — including falsifying business records and tax fraud — that could hypothetically apply, should the grand jury find evidence to support them.”The Washington Post, dated 22 September, 2020

But the Supreme Court may end up ruling on the matter. With a court stacked with Republicans (the latest being Justice Amy Coney Barrett), Trump may be free to run again. Or else he may not and be contending with criminal prosecution.

So, what other “ghostbusters” might be in the wings? There is of course the A-G for New York State, Letitia James, a Democrat, who is investigating the Trump Organisation which has stonewalled her repeatedly. She has sought court assistance to get Eric Trump to comply with her interview request:

“Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, said her civil investigation of potential fraud in Trump’s business dealings, which began last year, has been held up by a lack of cooperation from the president and his family.

The petition seeking the court’s intervention was filed after lawyers for Eric Trump abruptly cancelled his planned interview with investigators late last month.”

  • AP

Who Else Is Out To Get Donald Trump?

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We the People” in an original edition; Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States

Attorneys general in both Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

The emoluments clause of the US Constitution prohibits those in public office from accepting gifts from foreign governments: – Congressional Research Service

Benefitting from the presidency?

“Attorneys general in both Washington, D.C., and Maryland have an ongoing lawsuit against Trump alleging he unlawfully used the office of the presidency to benefit his personal finances.

Their suit accuses Trump of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which prohibits accepting gifts from foreign governments, with the attorneys general specifically citing foreign patrons to Trump’s hotel in the nation’s capital and other properties.” – abc news

The irony is that Trump himself, a psychopath, has been a vexatious litigator frequently threatening and filing lawsuits. He has coerced NDA’s from his female victims.

“Aside from the threat of prosecution and the unearthing of tax returns he has long kept private, Trump is facing a litany of other lawsuits that could put his family in an unflattering spotlight and force him to provide DNA evidence to the attorneys of a woman who accused him of rape.” – USA Today

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Edward Kelly, a Magician. in the Act of invoking the Spirit of a Deceased Person.” (engraving from the Astrology by Ebenezer Sibly, 1806)

Finally, will Horny’s ghost come back to haunt us all? Yes, that is highly likely even as tortuous investigations (which may or may not lead to actual prosecutions) and civil suits roll on like an enveloping fog. The evidence is there already. At least the Mueller Investigation did that groundwork and dispelled the myths that Trump enablers comforted themselves with at night while wide awake scared of the Ghosts of Trump Past and Present and Their Futures.

* Horny’s Ghost is a Great Horned Owl character in “The Classified Adventures of Owl of O.W.L.”

🦉READ Chapter 4 of Season 8

GO to: the Owl of O.W.L. page for Owl information and links.

AND Go to “The Classified Adventures of Owl of O.W.L.” page for the evolution of a strategic narrative (the backstory of its creation) and previous chapters.

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership RCEP

The 15 member countries of the RCEP Blue: ASEAN Purple: ASEAN Plus Three Teal: ASEAN Plus Six (without India)

Explainer: 17 November, 2020: What happens now the RCEP trade deal has been signed?

RNZ News via Reuters

Fifteen Asia-Pacific economies, including New Zealand, signed what could become the world’s largest free trade agreement over the weekend. It covers nearly a third of the global population and about 30 percent of global gross domestic product.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will progressively lower tariffs and aims to counter protectionism, boost investment and allow freer movement of goods within the region.

Who has signed?

RCEP includes China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the 10 members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN): Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

India was involved in early discussions but opted out last year over concerns related to cheap Chinese imports.

Member states have said there is still room for India to join RCEP, however. Anyone can join RCEP 18 months after it comes into force but India, as one of the original negotiating partners, can join at any time once the deal comes into effect.

What happens next?

RCEP was signed at the end of a four-day ASEAN summit in Hanoi on Sunday and must now be ratified before coming into effect, a process that will take months to start and years to complete.

How does RCEP compare with CPTPP?

The idea of RCEP, hatched in 2012, was seen as a way for China, the region’s biggest importer and exporter, to counter growing US influence in the Asia-Pacific. It gained momentum when Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in 2017.

RCEP focuses heavily on cutting tariffs and increasing market access but is seen as less comprehensive than the CPTPP.

It also requires fewer political or economic concessions and has less emphasis on labour rights, environmental and intellectual property protections and dispute resolution mechanisms. Click here

🦉With China in the RCEP the compromises have been significant – fewer protections of rights and less dispute resolution. After the abandonment of the region by the United States, in order to obtain the benefits of trading with China in particular, countries have traded economic benefits off against the environment, IP and the protection of labour.

Jose Malhoa- Fado (1910)

The Classified Adventures of Owl”​ (Season 8/Chapter 2)​: in which the New Mission to Hunt down the Enemies of the Wood (www.) Begins (almost!) and Owl sings a Fado

🦉Owl’s latest mind-tampering NOCmission to capture the traitors to the World Wide Wood (www.) and its main strategic adversary P-Hooty begins…..! Owl is branching out from The World Wide Wood (www.) Branch in the NZ Bush, and has put together an assorted team of unparalleled diversity, multiformity, multifariousness, heterogeneity, sustainability and endurance!

In short, a band of novices that Owl has scraped up from the Wood floor and put through a quick training course. 


The Classified Adventures of Owl

‘The Classified Adventures of Owl of O.W.L. – the Evolution, Anatomy & Deconstruction of a Strategic Narrative OR Owl Gets (dis)Ordered

Images and illustrations throughout are from Pixabay and Wikipedia under Creative Commons Licences

Morepork Owl (ruru or boobook)

Logo of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited)

“The Crown Returns to the Queen of the Fishes”

Illustration by H. J. Ford for Andrew Lang’s The Orange Fairy Book

The Writing of a ‘boo-book’:

a bed time story for adults

Click here for The Cast of Characters

sky canopy consulting © All Rights Reserved

The key to this satirical strategic narrative about “Owl”, a New Zealand Morepork Owl (ruru or boobook) – a covert operative of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited) who goes on international missions to protect the Owl Universe the World Wide Wood (www.) from its strategic adversaries – is its tagline as a ‘bed-time story for adults’.

It is safe and non-threatening at first glance; but we all know from childhood that fairy tales have a dark underbelly full of danger, heroism, wickedness, suspense and a transformative struggle through the dark night of the soul to the safety of victory, home, and joyful reunion.

Home for Sunset Photo: Pamela

We live this over and over again, in ways big and small, as does our flawed hero Owl as he undertakes new missions and returns from his adventures in the World Wide Wood (www.) to the safety of his outpost Branch of the Wood.

Venetian Mask Pixabay

His transformative progress mirrors our own mask-shedding as he moves from mistrust, cynicism, and individualistic self-interest, towards a glimmering of compassion and recognition of the nurturing power of family and community.

[ED the Narrator: a glimmering only, sadly!]

Like us Owl is a slow learner. There is not a ‘moral’ as such to these tales but we can recognise ourselves in Owl (or at least I can!).

Drawing on magical realism and fabulist fiction, Owl crosses these boundaries. Writing Owl has been a licence to transcend artistic, cultural and linguistic boundaries. And have fun of course!

Owl is a covert operative and noc of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited) in the New Zealand Bush who goes on missions authorised by his Troop Leader Brown Owl and as a noc (non-official cover) authorised by himself. His main strategic adversaries will be familiar to you…..

The Battle of Alexander at Issus by Albrecht Altdorfer, depicting the Battle of Issus, in 333 BC. Here, the battlefield is depicted as unlevel ground between mountains, in front of the walled city of Issus, Cilicia. The actual location of the battle.

NEW Click here for Complete Cast of Characters!

👉The Winner of the 1st Owl Competition🦉is

Dr. Rand Waltzman of Rand Corporation

His prize was to name a new character after himself and he chose ‘Randus (“Randy”) Sextus Julius Frontinus’ after the Roman military strategist Sextus Julius Frontinus, author of ‘Strategems’.

Roman owl mosaic from Itálica Spain; Kriegerkalle – Own work
Long-eared owl (Asio otus) in erect pose

Avatar of Randy Sextus: long-eared owl (Asio otus) in erect pose

The Narrator “ED” is the voice of reason, the sensible one who intervenes – when Owl misleads or goes “krazy-kool”. ED also ‘explains’ Owl on occasion – if that is at all possible!

ED:Finally, the day has come when our chaotic feathered-friend Owl of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited) is to be sorted in order! There have been screams of protest from some (including despairing hoots from Owl himself), as well as snorts and desperate appeals to put Owl in order, sent to me by OTT Owl Twitter Transmission. He has gone OWOL (Owl Without Limits) far too many times and people don’t know what he’s been up to in the past and what he’s doing at the moment. So, I have decided to show Owl’s anatomy. There may be some Resistance. However, it must be done. Owl has got out of control, sadly, and must be contained!

Owl’s Take: Hola, mes confreres and dear colleagues. Order sounds like control – not a word I like. I’ll pretend I’m not here while ED gets on with the impossible task of examining my anatomy and putting me in order. I’ll get on with instant gratification. Good luck, ED!

ED: The first few chapters (1-5) are not “Owl Proper”. But they show the creative process and the initial evolution from polemic to narrative.

To me now, they seem a little clunky, like an early Wright Brothers plane, before supersonic jets were invented!

Forgive the initial lack of hyperlinks in the first few chapters. As Owl goes supersonic they come later and reveal deeper meanings.

Feel free to skip straight to Series 1, Chapter 6 when OWL as we know him begins……..

Series One, Chapter One

“A View From My Perch in Pooh Corner”

Published on January 25, 2017

First Ever Owl: a creative thought peeks through the leaves of the New Zealand Bush. I was still experimenting with concept, sorting out Owl genuses (?)

[Owlus interruptus: geniuses!]

and feeling my way with a lot of inspiration from A.A. Milne. Forgive the lack of hyperlinks. They come later!

No alt text provided for this image

Series One, Chapter Two:

“A Closer View From My Perch in Pooh Corner”

This was written when direct political polemic was still my thing! Still stealing from A.A. Milne.

Published on January 26, 2017

Series One, Chapter Three

“The Winter of Trump’s Discontent”(SHAKESPEARE ON THE PERCH AT POOH CORNER)

Trump as Richard III

Published on January 27, 2017

Series 1, Chapter 4

Summertime Blues on My Perch at the Hundred Acre Wood

Published on January 27, 2017

Series One, Chapter Five

“From my Perch…in an Auckland Tree”

Owl makes his first appearance.

Haven’t mastered hyperlinks yet!

Published on February 27, 2017

OWL OF O.W.L. BEGINS PROPERLY………..! Our louche cunning hero (or anti-hero depending on your point of view) takes off!

Series One, Chapter 6

“A View from My Secret Perch in The Bush at O.W.L.”

Settling on the protagonist with a stable picture……a NZ Morepork Owl (ruru or boobook) – Owl of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited), a covert operative in the NZ Bush, begins in earnest! Evolving towards the title “The Classified Adventures of Owl” but not quite there yet!

Still indulging my readers with direct hints.

Published on March 6, 2017

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Series One, Chapter 7

“A Perch Change -in which a member of O.W.L. Seeks More Kn-owl-edge….”

The narrative goes full throttle! No title yet and endless chapters (this series has 14!). Introducing O.W.L. and developing character, personality, setting and activities. Still thanking A.A. Milne my early inspiration.

Published on March 10, 2017

Series One, Chapter 8

“In which Owl undergoes ‘corrective mental training’ and returns the same owl -maybe?”

Owl is transforming into a covert operative.

[ED. Coincides with Pamela’s 1st semester in MCTS programme]

Published on March 17, 2017

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NZ Kea on rock while snowingWikipedia

Series One, Chapter 9

“In which Owl gets real and dons a disguise “

First shot at a cast of characters. Still parochial in content. Lots of wordplay. Owl has not yet gone international and supersonic but he/she’s on the way. Still haven’t settled on gender…..

Published on March 23, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

Series One, Chapter 10

BREAKING NEWS: “Owl is very sick and can’t do his Friday rant”: Chief Barney Owl”

Establishing Owl’s personality, modus operandi and relationship with O.W.L. Linguistic convolutions begin.

Still acknowledging A.A. Milne – but less.

[ED. Pamela owes him ‘The Hundred Acre Wood’ aka The NZ Bush]

Published on March 31, 2017

NZ Kea

Series One, Chapter 11

“Owl Escapes!….. in which Owl tunnels to freedom & Barney is forced to explain to the Security Committee of The Bush Parliament of OWL.”

This is Owl’s “break-out” chapter as Owl’s cunning is showcased and he goes AW-OWL. Still learning Owl genuses and getting them confused! Some hints at geopolitics and international affairs!

[ED: finally, a series title! “The Classified Adventures of Owl”]

Published on April 6, 2017

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Series One, Chapter 12

‘The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl takes it to another level, crashes into an Eagle and becomes a ‘throwaway'(or does s/he?)”

Owl goes supersonic, full magical realism, and meets his main strategic adversary Horny Owl.

There is reference to the “Wood”, but at this stage only the “Hundred Acre Wood” aka The NZ Bush

[ED. thanks again A.A.]

Seem to be publishing one ‘Owl” a month.

Published on April 13, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

Series One, Chapter 13

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl meets P-Hooty and his Band and Horny Owl at the Part-ayy!”

The 2 main strategic adversaries appear (Horny and P-Hooty) and more characters. Owl is still non-binary. It’s all getting a bit Russian/Eurasian Eagle Owl!

Published on April 19, 2017

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Series One, Chapter 14

“The Classified Adventures of Owl- in which Lyin’ Traitor Chief Barney Owl is missing & Owl turns the Bird table on Horny and P-Hooty”

The kick-ass side-kicks of Owl, the redoutable Owlettes, set the pattern of rescuing Owl from his blunders.

Published on April 26, 2017

SEASON 1 FINALE, Chapter 15

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl Triumphs and Nigh is Here!”

The Owlettes continue to bully and boss Owl around but Owl thinks he knows who’s boss.

A new mission is on and the Million Acre Wood appears.

The take-down of O.W.L.’s adversaries is nigh!

[ED.It all gets a bit Shakespearean!]

Published on May 1, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

[ED: All in all a good start. A bit chaotic and experimental but the basics are falling into place. We seem to be having seasons now not series]

Owl Returns – Season Two, Chapter 1

No alt text provided for this image
Edward Lear: “The Owl and The Pussycat” Illustration -Wikipedia

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl makes a feline frenemy and Horny & P-Hooty are set up”

Even more accessible with Story so far at the beginning to help with continuity…..

Now there are hyperlinks – very professional! They hold secret clues! The format is now set. Owl has now gone full international operative with a magical ability to transcend time and space.

Published on June 22, 2017


Season 2, Chapter 2

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl wakes up from a romantic dream and Ponzi has a F-Owl scheme to betray Owl, P-Hooty & Horny with Chechen twins”

Owl embarks on his clandestine Eurasian/European adventures. He meets a dangerous cat.

Published on June 26, 2017

No alt text provided for this image
Pierre Carrier-Belleuse (1851–1932) Ballerina With A Black Cat

Season 2, Chapter 3

“The Classified Adventures of Owl’ – in which P-Hooty & Horny go to the Ballet with Ponzi & the Owls are not what they seem……”

When I move from picturing Owls only to magical realist images that both reflect and provide a subtext to the text.

Published on July 4, 2017

Verona maschera veneziana2

Season 2, Chapter 4

“The Classified Adventures of Owl -in which Owl & P-Hooty get L-Hooty but no B-Hooty and Ponzi gets Horny”

The images now reflect the multi-layered narrative. Owl has a feathered mask but the image becomes a refined symbol.

Published on July 10, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

Season 2, Chapter 5

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Ponzi has a tiff with Owl while P-Hooty dangles & Horny gets a nose ring”

Owl has many layers to his feathers now with images that contain unconscious and semi-conscious codes to the narrative.

The stories are getting wilder and yet more focused. They get both more and less coherent! The subtext has become very important and the hyperlinks give clues.

Like any good story or painting the meaning is not spelled out.

Published on July 13, 2017

No alt text provided for this image
I.M. Pei: Le Pyramide at The Louvre- Wikipedia

Season 2, Chapter 6

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl goes to Paris with Ponzi & Horny & The Chechen Twins turn P-Hooty”

Into the realms of symbolic fantasy, free association and linguistic gymnastics. Keep up!

Published on July 14, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

Season 3, Chapter 7

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl & Ponzi go to the Paris Cirque, P-Hooty & Horny fly Hot Air & Owl meets Belle Epoque”

Owl goes through his “sophisticated” European phase. On the trail of P-Hooty and Horny……

Published on July 17, 2017

No alt text provided for this image
1783 balloonj wikipedia

Season 2, Chapter 8

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl has a French rendevous & Horny & P-Hooty are holed up at Chateau Blavatnik”

The apotheosis of magical realist Owl! Playing with languages has become a hallmark.

The main strategic adversaries of Owl are rounded up! Introducing The Marschallin character -the Queen of the Wood

Published on July 18, 2017

Season 2, FINALE

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl completes his mission and prepares to go back to his Branch of the Wood. Horny and P-Hooty are to go on trial

The denouement of Owl’s Eurasian/European adventure.

Published on July 21, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

[ED: Series 1 and Season 2 lay the groundwork for the recurring efforts of Owl in future to elude supervision and dominate the World Wide Wood (www.) which come into play in Season 3]

No alt text provided for this image

Season 3, Chapter 1

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – The Lafayette Affaire”

The “World Wide Wood” makes its first appearance! Horny Owl is about to stand trial. The t-horny question of P-Hooty has to be put on the back burner as Owl receives an emergency call from The Million Acre Wood. But Mardi Gras and P-Hooty manage to converge….

Published on August 28, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

Season 3, Chapter 2

“The Classified Adventures of Owl- in which Horny faces trial & Owl discovers the secret of Princesse Brandywine & Baron Samedi”

Owl goes not only supersonic but supernatural! He has arrived just in time for Mardi Gras, donned a disguise and is looking for a jeu-jeu so he can safely meet Baron Samedi at the Crossroads between Good and Evil. His nemesis P-Hooty is also in disguise. Will our hero get to keep his soul or will the fantasmagoric Baron seize it? Will Horny’s trial in front of the Parish Council finally foil his traitorous activities? Will Owl and the Princesse find True Love or True Blood? Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Horny is being guarded by that twit Nestor the Kea and is already planning his exodus. Right now he’s having a Strategy Session with his defence lawyer, Aeterney Owl.

Mmmm, scouts provide inspiration! Lots of hyperlinks. Wonders: does anyone click on them? Some key characters are still biding their time in the wings (The Marschallin and The Owlettes).

Published on September 4, 2017

No alt text provided for this image
Man Ray (1919) Seguidilla, Hirschorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Season 3, Chapter 3

“The Classified Adventures of Owl’ – in which Don Horny is foiled by a Phantom Corsair, P-Hooty goes batty and Owl gets surreal”

Owl becomes febrile and backs off (rare!) moving his mission to capture escapee Horny to the West of The Trillion Acre Wood. Surrealism (a branch of magical realism) is an “artistic” addition.

Anti-hero P-Hooty has been seen partaking of the “scarlet cup” and things are getting steamy.

Owl starts to draw on history, the arts and free association and nuts becomes a hallmark. Follow closely. Hyperlinks help.

Published on September 12, 2017

Season 3, Chapter 4

Background characters come to the fore and will become recurring. A grandee makes a dramatic landing: the charismatic H.H. El Principe Gabriel Garcia Raimundo de Grande Manchegot, El Marquez de Corsair (buho noctambulo) aka Monseigneur Manchegot.

Mixing languages into a kind of Owlspeak becomes common. Owl takes a (not uncommon) mini-break, one of the main complaints of Brown Owl, Troop Leader of O.W.L. Owl’s penchant for a little romance on the side becomes a recurring theme.

The competition to dominate the World Wide Wood (www.) between Owl and The Marschallin gets underway. Making obvious allusions to great works of art and literature becomes commonplace in Owl. Acknowledgements are always given though. It all serves as a hook and a distraction from the subtext.

It becomes important to keep both male and female readers engaged. Sounds sexist but its not!

Known current world leaders get their share of razz-ing!

[ED. Hopefully, it’s not too late to make the point that hilarity and humour weaponise narrative. When you’re laughing you’re not watching! Sadly, a sense of humour cannot be taught]

It may be fair to claim at this point that the skill-set has improved as chapters are becoming as multi-layered as Owl’s feathers.

Published on September 25, 2017

No alt text provided for this image
Egyptians & OwlWikipedia

Season 3, Chapter 5

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which the Bad Actors of the World Wide Wood meet their Nemesis & Owl Triumphs – or does he?”

Being supersonic in time and place Owl gets to go to many entrancing locations (see he is cunning!)

I still use known places names from time to time to anchor the story heuristically into the vast underpinnings and reverberations of previous tales and cultural history.

Owl’s opportunism makes him an anti-hero of our time because heroes suck (do-goody, smug, and narcissistic as they are!). Owl has an interesting mixture of opportunism, faux-modesty, narcissism, low cunning, and duty-consciousness. Psychiatrists take notes! Possibly well-suited to secret work…….

Published on October 31, 2017

No alt text provided for this image

Season 3, Chapter 6

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl talks turkey with his mentor General Jules de Boulanger III re netting P-Hooty”

Double meanings and geopolitcs of the time figure large. See if you can guess hoo.

The linking “Story so far…” helps immensely with continuity. And hyperlinks help!

Wild and wacky, what can I say!

Published on November 23, 2017

No alt text provided for this image
Parliament Of Owls -Pixabay

Season 3 FINALE, Chapter 7

“The Classified Adventures of Owl” – in which P-Hooty, the Buzzard, the Blind Eagle and the Turkey stand Trial”

Both of Owl’s strategic adversaries are caught and put on trial in the Parliament of Owls just in time for Christmas 2017!

Horny is still locked up – but not for long!

[ED. She’s getting better as keeping all strands of the story in mind. Checking back to the previous one to remind her of where and what Owl is up to. This is imperative! Sometimes even I get confused but no one yet has been able to point out where the narrative actually gets confused!]

As someone pointed out to me today, it all gives my brain a regular tune-up.

Published on December 4, 2017

No alt text provided for this image


“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Bombe-tastic Owl flies North & Godzilla Owl drops a Bombshell on UN-HA4!”

A new year a new season and the 2nd year of my Masters in Conflict and Terrorism Studies.

Owl is deployed to the Northern region of the World Wide Wood (www.) and you start to see him come in conflict with The Marschallin, the Hegemonic Hooter of the Trillion Acre Wood who has designs on world dominatrix, I mean domination!

Owl gets very 21st century scientific.

ED. Just a reminder of the

NEW Complete Cast of Characters!

More acronyms.

Published on January 3, 2018

No alt text provided for this image

SEASON 4, Chapter 2

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl meets his Nemesis; will he or her become the Hegemon of the World Wide Wood (www.)?”

Great power competition becomes a big theme. Owls and Dragons don’t get on…….Hoo will be the nemesis of hoo?

Owl is moving towards avatars in the Great Game of Perches!

Published on January 10, 2018

No alt text provided for this image
Owl: Pixabay

SEASON 4, Chapter 3

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Avatar Bots prepare to fight in the Great Game of Perches of the World Wide Wood (www.)”

What more can I say…..more classy, wild, post-post – modernist satirical artistic subversion, with some up-to-the-minute rocketry and high tech science with wings spanning the www. !!

Published on January 19, 2018

No alt text provided for this image
Artist’s rendering: B21 bomber US Air Force

Season 4 FINALE, Chapter 4

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which “Mutti”, Owl & their Avatar Dragon-Bots fight a Proxy War. Hoo Owl-Too-Wits Hoo?”

Will Owl complete his Grande Mission – to prevent The Marschallin and The Empress from becoming Hege-moana of the World Wide Wood (www.)? He has a song competition to decide whether to defy his leader Brown Owl and engage in his long-awaited Avatar-Bot battle with the Marschallin’s Dragon OR fly home with his wings folded. I can guess!

Published on February 8, 2018

No alt text provided for this image

Season 5 Premiere, Chapter 1

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which a Space Rubbish Bag from the Heavenly Palace of The Empress threatens the Wood”

Owl ends this mission triumphant as usual but what comes next? Will our louche hero Owl attend corrective mental training once more and lead a quieter life?

In the meantime there is a space emergency.

Published on March 27, 2018

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LEGO Star Wars Stormtroopers – Pixabay

Season 5, Chapter 2

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl returns to the NZ Bush from the Great Hegemonic Owl Conflict and has an Owlet”

Owl from Down Under is on another one of his hiatuses after his successful mission.

The Jacinda-incubator makes a brief appearance.

Chauvinism, sexism and #metoo also make a brief appearance. Check the date. I wonder why?

Owl works part-time from home (very trendy house-husbandly of him) and goes on an internal mission into the NZ Bush for a change. He catches up with Nestor the Kea who is doing his time in the hinterlands making his usual nuisance of himself. Owl smells another mission, this time with a bigger team!

Published on June 22, 2018

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Don Quixote (1955) Pablo Picasso

Season 5, Chapter 3

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl has a new mission with O.W.L.’s 14”

Big jump in publishing time (3 months) as I am buried Owl-poop deep in my dissertation. Stop the carousel I want to get off!!

The start of a mini-mission that fizzles for a while (take-off was the problem) ……..then heats up next time in the West of the Trillion Acre Wood when old favourite chararcters re-appear.

Published on June 29, 2018

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Series 5, Chapter 4

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – An EXCELLENT conceited Tragedie in which Owl Meets his Nemesis the Laughing Owl”

A rather suspicious new character is introduced. Our Morepork Owl (Ninox novaeseelandiae) has now been on a very long ‘holiday’ with his new family, Belle Epoque and new Owlet daughter Leafy Green, in the FBI (Fairly Bloody Irritating) Witness Protection Programme (WPP). His capture of Horny Owl and P-Hooty and his Band has made him some enemies. So his mission to Spain is cancelled.

[Ed. Owl goes Shakespearean again]

Another BIG jump in publishing time (5 months!) as dissertation due…. hyperlinks yield secret spy clues🔍

Published on November 14, 2018


Next time: Owl meets the Time & Influence Machine and twigs to the fact that Belle Helene is a deep fake.

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Season 5, Chapter 5 (Christmas Edition)

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which St. Nick-Owl (stooge of P-Hooty) sings a Carol to Owl”

Owl was to meet the Time & Influence Machine and twig to the fact that Belle Poire Helene is a deep fake. Instead he’s saving that chapter for next year as he wants to marry her……..Oh dear, Owl.

Owl meets St. Nick, a stooge of P-Hooty and sings The Twelve Days of Christmas.

[ED. Overall a quieter writing year than the previous one as the MCTS dug its claws into her!]

Published on December 18, 2018

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Series 6, Chapter 1

“The Classified Adventures of Owl: in which Boris Owl (code name B-OWL) is appointed Head of School”

[ED. Big writing gap (7 months) as the Christchurch Terrorist Attacks struck and she moved house]

In the new season Owl roars back in true Owl style. The new mission brings Boris Owl and his scams that Owl has to foil.

Boris is challenging H.H. Prinzessin, The Marschallin for regional hegemony in the Trillion Acre Wood and Owl must stop his relentless climb to power. The Owlettes have been handmaidens to The Marshallin for quite some time now. They just got sick of Owl’s chauvinism.

Owl sets Boris up for a long con.

Published on July 31, 2019

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Steampunk mask- Wikipedia

Season 6, Chapter 2

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl enlists the help of Specky Owl, a Parrot and a Penguin to sell an Island to Boris Owl”

Boris Owl and his Cabal of the Northern Branch of the Worldwide Wood (www.) as we know are in cahooty for Loo-ty with Horny Owl and P-Hooty. Owl develops an elaborate scam to kompromise Boris (code name: B-Owl).

Owl goes full steampunk back to Panama to sell Boris Shell Island!

He also goes ancient Greek and recruits Herakles and Penguino the Pirate Owl. The Owlettes set a honey-trapski.

Published on August 26, 2019

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Fantasy Island -Pixabay

Season 6, Chapter 3

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Boris is Lured into a Honey Trapski by Owl and Sold Fake Shares in an Offshore Island”

Our patriotic little plotter and profiteer (and double-agent in Boris the Brave’s Cabal) has made an elaborate plan to entrap Boris in an offshore scam. As his Chief Strategist of Lies, Lunatics and Loony Tricks, Owl will attempt to lure him to Shell Island in Panama (really a peninsula) to dredge the channel, occupy the new ‘island’, set him up with The Owlettes in a honey-trapski, and sell him fake shares in a shell company called Crosby Brexitor Timeshare (a front for Owl to make some L-ooty on the side).

[ED: Breaking news: the Hegemoana of the World Wide Wood (www.), H.H. Prinzessin, The FeldMarschallin of the Trillion Acre Wood, has retired and been replaced by the Gräfin Mariza von der Layurssch]

Owl implements his strategic plan to entrap Boris Owl.

Published on September 24, 2019

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Bird Cage Pixabay

Season 6, Chapter 4

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl gives the Supreme Parliament of Owls (POW!) the Evidence and It Pro-rogues Boris Owl Permanently”

Owl, our charismatic and colourful covert operative of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited) has scammed Boris Owl (code name B-OWL), Head of School and Team Leader of the Northern Region of the Worldwide Wood (www.).

Owl brings Boris and his Cabal to face justice before the Supreme Parliament of Owls (POW!). 

[ED: Next Time in “The Classified Adventures of Owl”: Owl visits the reclusive Scarlett Pimpernowl in her Madagascar hide-out looking for help to rescue his ex Belle Epoque]

Published on October 7, 2019

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Chameleon: Pixabay

Season 6, Chapter 5

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl Visits Reclusive Scarlett Pimpernowl in Her Madagascar Hide-Out for Help to Rescue Belle Epoque”

Owl longs for a new adventure.

Some urgent hooting over the Owl Twitter Receiver has alerted him to the predicament of his ex, Belle Epoque, the small but beautifully-formed French Owl (athene noctua), and mother of Leafy Green his young spawn. She is being held hostage in witness protection by her former bodyguard lover, an Eagle Owl.

As you may recall, Belle and Owl had a wee falling out when he abandoned them for a mission 

[ED: be honest, Owl! It was for another Owl]

Now’s his chance to make things right and make it up to her.

He needs the help of the Scarlett Pimpernowl in Madagascar. She is flexible and likes rescuing. And she has a tribe of Labord chameleon escape artistes expert in disguises who would probably enjoy a trip to another rain forest.

Whipsmart chameleons figure.

Owl, Scarlett Pimpernowl and her Band of Chameleons rescue Belle Epoque and Leafy Green but not without mishap, misstep and mayhem!

Published on October 8, 2019

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Abdulcelil Levni – Badisches Landesmuseum -Wikipedia

Season 6, Chapter 6

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl and Scarlett Pimpernowl Go Supersonic to Rescue Belle, Take a Wrong Turn and Find the Mad Grand Vizier”

Our anti-hero Owl goes supersonic again to rescue his abandoned beloved. His heroics take a side-turn however and he heads towards the fray instead.

I seem to have had to X-rate this chapter. Not sure why….

They’ve hit Big Mac π=βΣΏᾧᾦϕὢῼΫ and are cruising at altitude, feathers are flat, legs up and they’re heading Σast.

Owl goes for a nap and accidentally leaves his Head Swivel on…….

[ED: Owl goes hyper-link!!]

Scarlett Pimpernowl: “Owl, you ClusterFl**k Feathered Fool! We’re turning left and going north. What have you done?”

Published on October 24, 2019

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Season 6, Chapter 7

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which our Half-Woke Owl and Scarlett Pimpernowl Pull Off a Heist and Horny Owl Escapes from Mara-Lager”

Our half-woke opportunistic hero and cunning covert operative, Owl of O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited), is once again about to make a bundle out of his bungle. He has accidentally headed north to ConstantOwlBull following in the wake of Scarlett Pimpernowl and her Band of Karma Chameleons after his Head Swivel jammed. Their original unowlthorised mission was to rescue his erstwhile family Belle Epoque and only son Leafy Green. But Owl’s Eye has been caught by the glittering distraction of the Treasury of the Top-Kapo-ski Palace. A small sideways foray into the Pasha’s Condo is called for so Owl can replenish his L-$$ty. Will all that glitters indeed be gold? When will Belle Epoque and Leafy Green be rescued? And what’s up with Horny Owl?

Published on November 4, 2019

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Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) Wikipedia

Season 6, Chapter 8

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl and Scarlett Pimpernowl hunt down escapees Horny Owl and P-Hooty and go leaf-peeping”

Back to the south of the Million Acre Wood they go to engage in a cultural ritual on track to rescue Belle and Leafy.

Owl gets word via @OwlTwitterTransmission that Horny and P-Hooty, his main strategic adversaries, have escaped from their Premium Floridian Lager, Mara-Lager.

Owl of course gets distracted again but nevertheless completes his mission with verve and savoir faire! He encounters another of those quaint puzzles and moral dilemmas that he decides to solve decisively.

Published on November 21, 2019

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Owl in Moonlight -Pixabay

Season 6 FINALE, Chapter 9

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Missions are Accomplished and Owl gets an Island for Xmas”

[ED: Remember to click on blue hyperlinks for another dimension!]

Owl from O.W.L. (Owl Woo-Woo unLimited), our high- flown, redoubtable and crazy-like-a-fox covert operative and morepork owl (Ninox novaeseelandiae) from the NZ Bush of The Hundred Acre Wood, and Scarlett Pimpernowl and her Karma Chameleons from Madagascar, have been leaf-peeping at Horny Owl and P-Hooty, escapees from Mara-Lager, a Premium Floridian Lager, down an irregular back channel. Our heroic and faux-distrait Owl has a Master Plan: to do a swapsie of the 2 captured villains for Owl’s partner, the petite French Owl Belle Epoque (athene noctua) and their son Leafy Green, being held captive by a horny Eagle Owl in the South-Eastern Rain Forest of the Thousand Acre Branch of the Worldwide Wood (www.). Their former bodyguard is extorting Owl in a kind of quid pro quo. That is always a bad idea……..

Published on December 13, 2019

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[ED: All of which brings us to 2020 and the last few Owls written so far……..]

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Vintage Lady Flapper (1920) collage

Season 7, Chapter 1

“The Classified Adventures of Owl” : in which Owl Gets the Boot From His Christmas Holiday Island to Foil Ossie Owl a Big Noter in O.W.L.”

Owl is having a much-deserved extended relax on Christmas Island with Belle Epoque (athene noctua) and Leafy Green, their young owlet, when he gets a call on the Hooter. It’s his boss and nemesis Brown Owl, Head of Troop.

Owl returns to his roots and finds power-plays going on in his own backyard, the NZ Bush, where an interloper cousin Ossie Owl of the boobook branch of the Strigidae Family is trying to take over the Parliament of Owls (POW!). Ossie Owl is presiding over an attempted coup over the Hundred Acre Wood. He is in league with the Human supporters of their stooge Horny Owl of the Million Acre Wood. They are being paid by Owl to keep Horny as a tethered pet in a back channel after he “liberated” him from The Bodyguard Owl. But they became greedy and took the shilling from Ossie.

[ED: Brown Owl, Head of Troop in O.W.L. and Mission Controller (hoo starts to play a much greater part in the stories) is very straight-laced and, like me, has a thankless task trying to rein in Owl]

There is a Global Emergency and she dispatches Owl to quell an uprising of the Human Animals and their proxies the Gadfly Galahs and the Emir of the Emus who are in league with Ossie and escapee Horny Owl in the Million Acre Wood. He causes endless trouble to the Wood!

Published on January 31, 2020

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Greek Goddess Athena and Owl

Season 7, Chapter 2

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl of O.W.L. Becomes the Leader of the Parliament of Owls and is Tasked to Save the World”

In an astounding turn of events, Owl himself becomes the leader of the Parliament of Owls after Ossie Owl is exposed as a traitor and in the pocket of Horny Owl.

The Humans plan to take over the Worldwide Wood and destroy the Habitat. They’re building an escape nest underground far away while the Wood burns. Owl has declared a SOE (State of Exigent Extremity) and has even more Special Powers. A MEGA showdown now brews between Owl, the Humans and Horny.

Cut to the Million Acre Wood where Horny is holding a rally of Humans.

Published on April 20, 2020

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Barn Owl

Season 7, Chapter 3

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which Owl and his O.W.L. Team Live Stream to Defeat Horny and the Loony Humans in the Battle of Owls Creek”

Owl has conjured up a taskforce of old warrior Barn Owls Monty, Winnie, Frank, Eisen and Patton and is giving them a pep-talk along with Owls from the Bush Home Guard, Petraeus Owl from SOE (Special Owl Emergency), and The Admiral from SOF (Sea Owl Force). Civilian Owls Lizzie and Bernard Owl are squabbling in the background.

Owl is preparing to live-stream them all to the south of the Million Acre Wood where they will take renegade Horny by surprise and engage at Owls Creek where the Humans, Loons, Human Loons, 7 species of Owl and and their proxies the Gadfly Galahs and the Emir of the Emus, are building Horny’s escape nest. Horny has conned these Loony Humans and their slaves into supporting his insurrection against the Forces of the www.

Published on April 26, 2020

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Boombox- Pixabay

Season 7, Chapter 4

“The Classified Adventures of Owl – in which One Loony Human Doesn’t Like Owl’s #bedtimestory4adults and Plans an Insurrection Against O.W.L.”

Owl is about to give a masterclass in how to deploy old hands and mount a highly-technical and complex narrative and bed-time story against the loons who are helping Horny escape justice. Do not blame them, my friends. They are in his thrall and have succumbed to the 3 D’s -their inner daemons, dreams and delusions.

Owl has broadcast the Owls Creek Battle Strategic Narrative (p.1095 of O.W.L. YARNS under “rich and complex knowledge about things, groups of things, and relations between things.”) over his supersonic Owl Boombox. As anticipated it has made the Loony Humans in the thrall of Horny Owl want to lose the will to live. He then easily sold them some snake oil to swell their cognitive brains which did the trick putting them all to sleep.

Published on June 17, 2020



Owl SEASON 7 FINALE – in which the Owls and the Humans fight the Battle of Owl Creek with the help of Randy Owl

Competition winnerDr. Rand Waltzman of Rand Corporation

Published August 7, 2020

The FINALE introduces a new character named by the winner of the Owl Competition, Dr. Rand Waltzman of Rand Corporation. His brilliant winning entry earned him the prize of naming a new character after himself and he chose Randus (“Randy”) Sextus Julius Frontinus after the Roman military strategist and author of ‘Strategems’.

Rand’s Linkedin Profile

These were the quick n’ dirty tips for entering the competition:

Season 8 of “The Classified Adventures of Owl of O.W.L.”​ begins! Owl Crew Nigel the Rook, Mrs. Peel & Suzy Owl Get Mind-Tampered Before the New Mission

Will Owl go down the plughole in a spiral vortex? Or will he be saved by his immense lateral supernovia and supersonia abilities before he flies off down the Wind Corridor to track down the allies of P-Hooty and Horny Owls and the remaining villains of the World Wide Wood (www.)

Season 8, Chapter 2, “The Classified Adventures of Owl”​ (8/2)​: in which the New Mission to Hunt down the Enemies of the Wood (www.) Begins (almost!) and Owl sings a Fado

Owl’s latest mind-tampering NOCmission to capture the traitors to the World Wide Wood (www.) and its main strategic adversary P-Hooty begins…..! Owl is branching out (hehe) and has put together an assorted team of unparalleled diversity, multiformity, multifariousness, heterogeneity, sustainability and endurance!

In short, a band of novices that Owl has scraped up from the Wood floor and put through a quick training course. But he knows they will stay the course because he, Owl of O.W.L. will deploy his own low cunning in service of the high-minded ideals of the World Wide Wood (www.)!

Season 8, Chapter 3: “The Classified Adventures of Owl of O.W.L.: in which Owl and Crew Take Off in the Wind Tunnel to Catch Enemies of the Wood (www.) & a Ghost Appears”

Keep Flying!

xx Pamela

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